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Tricia, The Soul Advisor; Psychic, Medium, Intuitive

Soul Advisor

show me your eyes
and I will read your soul
. . . receive guidance on love, career, money . . . connect to loved ones who have passed . . . call tricia and release your soul 
Tricia Ruiter
Psychic/Medium/Spiritual Advisor

Tricia Receives Messages From God & Shares Them With You

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HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT?! - Live Psychic Reading

HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT?! - Live Psychic Reading

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if you have been waiting for a sign... this is it

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I knew I was different...

It was in high school, there was a guy that would stand in the hallway and when I looked at him he had this blank stare. Then I would see him during lunch and he would stare at me from across the room. Everyone thought he liked me but I knew that stare meant something else and it scared me. A few weeks later my friend came running up to me in the hall and said, “Tricia you know that guy that kept staring at you?  He's dead."


How to Connect to Your Angels Workshop - Dates to be announced.