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Tom Barnas from the Morning Show at WGN-TV had this to say about Tricia...

 "Tricia is an amazing person. How she does her readings are so much more personal and fulfilling."

"She takes the time to know the person and the people that you want to connect with. It’s admirable."

"I appreciate her style and candor. Be sure to take notes, you’ll be amazed on all that she has to say and won’t be able to keep up."

"It has been a pleasure to have Tricia in my life. I’m better off knowing her!!"

Jennifer Runyon, actress from Ghostbusters and others, had this to say about Tricia...

 "I was so honored when my friend Tricia Ruiter offered to do a reading for me. I have known Tricia for a few years on Facebook and I have always been impressed by her positive attitude and beautiful soul. I went into the session with an open mind and a bit of trepidation. I am not one to seek out a psychic to find answers, yet, I am open to the process. I have another friend years ago who randomly read me in a big group setting and he was right on. I must say I had such a wonderful experience as well with Tricia, she told me things she could not have possibly known about certain family members who have passed. It was so incredible she told me I will know someone who has passed is near, by certain signs, and sure enough a few days later I saw the first sign. I had the most wonderful experience and I am so grateful. Thank you Tricia for such a beautiful reading. You brought tears to my eyes. I recommend Tricia not only to hear from loved ones but also for the beautiful insightful information you will receive if you are open to receive it. Thank you again Tricia,"  –Jennifer Runyon



"It was such a pleasure to work with Tricia. I cannot begin to thank her for all of the hard work and care she put in to provide insight and entertainment for our customers. Tricia solely supported all 400+ guests at our event last month. From early on, I expressed my concern that we may not be able to support and provide readings for a lot o guests. But Tricia jumped at the challenge and not only did she support our various customers she maintained her composure when he the building experience a power outage that lasted more than an hour. She is not afraid to do whatvever it takes to get the job completed.

From the planning phase to actual execution onsite, Tricia is a consummate professional. I look forward to working with her in the future."

–Angelina Sayfi.


"I have struggled for 20 years since my mom's passing and Tricia allowed me a window of opportunity to reconnect with her. Tricia provided a wealth of details ensuring that my mom is and always has been present. My biggest regret is that I did not do it sooner. Thank you Tricia.

–Kathleen C.

"I had a session with Tricia to gain insights on some people in my life and a career change. I could tell she "flowed" her information because she literally picked up words and phrases from loved ones that were immediately familiar. She also told me I would meet somewhere "in 11 days" and detailed the look of the location...and it was literally 11 days later and exactly how she described! I found her to be accurate, warm, thoughtful and very "otherworldly wise." I will be a returning client."

–Chandra S.


"Incredible reading from Tricia! We spoke on the phone and right away she is extremely friendly and easy to talk to. She connected me with my great grandparents and confirmed with me some of the ways in which they had been "visiting" me. She also gave me some comforting guidance about my future. 10/10 - will definitely be scheduling another reading with Tricia! Thank you!!"

–Ellie C.

"I highly recommend Tricia for a personal reading. She is spot on and had connected with a recently deceased person in my life and thru that conversation that he was speaking to me...put my mind at ease and I left so happy. She has a warm and loving approach and connection to everyone and is nothing more than a positive force here in earth, just a wonderful person!"
–Lisa E.

"I had a phone reading from Tricia recently and I’m impressed. From the first word she spoke to me I felt at ease and more confident. Talking to her,she’s like a old friend. Looking forward to ur next reading."

–Stan P.


"Tricia has been amazing at guiding me through times of transition. She is accurate and truthful, and has been an invaluable resource for me. Highly recommend!"

–Elizabeth T.

"Tricia is truly a gift from God. She is the real deal. Even over the phone you can feel her divine connection with your soul and those of the ones she's reading. Tricia doesn't just say the things you want to hear, she tells you straight and I have 100% trust in her integrity."

–Jennifer N.


"People see therapists, life coaches so why not a Psychic/Medium? One must always be open to new ideas and journeys. Tricia was a pleasant surprise, we definitely connected as old souls. Her discernment and vision were valuable and something I could actually take away and use right away. She resonates with me and is another asset in my box of tools. You will find her personable, passionate and gifted. Open your heart and take a journey with her. It’s an investment in yourself and you never know what may be revealed!"

–James S.


"Tricia has a warm and friendly way at putting you at ease. Her approach is so personable and her insights and care are for your greatest good. She shared personal experiences to help explain messages and further the take away into everyday life. She is talented, gifted, and blessed."

–Joni H.

"I had always believed that people cross paths in life for a reason. I have been going thru some frustrating times in my life and was looking for some answers and guidance. I decided to meet Tricia for a reading, hoping to get some answers. When we sat down she was able to channel things from my past that only a few close friends know. We met for over an hour the first time, and she was able to make me feel more at ease, and had some really good insight. We met again recently, and this time I wanted to discuss my job situation. I have been out of work for a while, multiple interviews but no offers over the past 10 months. She was able to read that I had a few companies that I am currently interviewing with. She also made a recommendation that I pick up a book. I ended up purchasing that book after our session. A few days later I was on one of the phone interviews and we were talking about recent books we were reading. When I mentioned the book that Tricia recommended, the interview stopped, and turned to a conversation for the next 45 minutes. It was awesome, and I now have a finial interview with this person next week. Tricia also could feel that I was interviewing with a few females, and she was spot on.
Tricia has an amazing gift, and a huge heart. She is very talented and makes you feel relaxed, and can help give you guidance. If I were you, I would reach out to her and see what she has to say."

–Derek D.


"Tricia has a real God given gift, coupled with a heart of gold, that she shares openly, honestly, to the point, and in great abundance. The awesome respect, gratitude, and depth of my experiences with Tricia cannot be expressed in words. She is a professional of epic proportion!"

–Christian S.


“Highly recommend booking a reading with Tricia! She was spot on with pointing out areas of concern in my life and provided re-assurance and positive guidance for the future. I felt very comforted and at peace after our conversation and feel that I'm closer to discovering my life's purpose."

–Hunter H.

"Tricia came into my life for a reason. The fact that she connected with me during one of my roughest hours speaks to the power she possesses. It is absolutely no coincidence that she found me. But, she did more than just connect with me on LinkedIn. She was responsive to my questions and was able to form a deep understanding of my current situation. If you could redefine empathy in the dictionary - you would find Tricia as that definition. I would recommend anyone to Tricia. She is just an amazing person. She was able to provide guidance as to what the near future looked like for me. She was spot on! Reach out to her - it will change your life too."

–Jason L.

"I had an amazing reading with Tricia. She truly has a gift. During my reading she connected with my father and uncle who had recently passed and was incredibly accurate with details only I would know. She was very compassionate and also friendly and warm. I’m looking forward to my next reading."

–Lia C.

"I highly recommend Tricia for a reading!
Very personalble, amazing insight, empathetic listener, and warm character.
Within minutes of speaking with her I felt like we had known each other forever. She gave me some valuable insight that rang true on a instinctual level. DO IT!"

–Wendy F.

"Tricia you are wonderful and I am so proud of you! I highly recommend your advice and readings! I have to say you are one of the oldest souls I’ve ever met! Spot on and so filled with pure love and joy! Bravo to you my friend! Xo Shelby Mckee"

–Shelby McKee, Inventor of KEYSOCKS.

"Tricia is absolutely amazing! I have been going through a really rough time with my life. Tricia bought so much joy, and love into my life! She is truly gifted, passionate and kind. Definitely changed my life!"

–Ling Y.

"Tricia was a pleasure to speak to and gave me great insight on my own intuitions and concerns. She came to my house which allowed me to be more comfortable in a familiar environment. She went well over our time, which showed she truly cared and wanted to help."

–Autumn P.

"Tricia truly is the most fascinating human being I’ve ever met. She came to me on Linkedin at a time that was filled with questions and uncertainty in my life. Not only did I meet with her right away, when meeting her for the first time she was able to give me insight to questions about career and life, but she is a true medium and spoke to several family and friends that have moved on from earth. I had a experience two weeks after sitting down with her, that she had said would happen. I’m a believer and I highly recommend that everyone should sit down with her, you might call her a Angel."

–Ben Quigley, Founder of CelebSocially Inc.

"Tricia Ruiter, the Soul Advisor, has amazing gifts to share with our world. Some of those gifts could be for you. If your heart is open, contact Tricia today😊Your soul will thank you again and again.❤️"

–Victoria H.

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