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My Story Continued


“He was riding his bike and a car hit him and they left the scene and he was only a few houses away from home and attempted to crawl his way to his house and that’s where they found him!” I was mortified, The Blank Stare had a very huge meaning and something I started to watch throughout my life. Every time someone has given me the blank stare their time of death was near and are no longer with us on Earth. My parents always asked me if I ever sensed their death or they gave me the blank stare to please so how tell them. Well May 2nd 2014 was a day that I will never forget, R.I.P to the greatest Father on Earth! A year before his unexpected and sudden death, I had a feeling at his 80th Birthday Party but thought no, it’s all in my head. At my niece’s 21st Birthday party, when the music was playing we asked my dad who got up with his walker to dance down the party line and with the biggest smile on his face and boy did he dance his last dance in great style. A week before his passing, I made an unexpected visit to my parent’s house. My father was sitting in his favorite rocking chair wearing his favorite Chicago Black Hawks jacket and I kissed him good bye and the voice in my head said, “This is the last time you are going to see him alive” and my father gave me the Blank Stare! I said to myself, “No way!” and throughout this last week of his life, there were many signs of his transition from Earth to Heaven. The night before his passing, I had a dream that he passed so when I woke up I told my husband and he told me to get a hold of him. I surely tried and knowing that my parents were on their way to a location in another state the race was on, when I attempted to call my father on his end of the phone it was just say “Good Bye” both cell phones and fully charged. When I received an incoming call from my mom’s phone at 7:14 a.m., May 2nd, 2014 I knew. I was shocked and

I was in denial that this really did happen and I was unable to help him and keep him with us a little while longer. After my father’s passing, my gifts have reached 100%. I am able to look at a picture and connect with the living and the souls that have passed away. Friends and family of loved ones that are no longer with us on Earth have a way of always finding me and asking me to give their loved ones a message. I am open 24/7 for business day or night my gifts of healing and connecting with spirit is, “Always open”.

Premonition of September 11th I was asked to share one of my many past Premonitions with Nature Disasters so here you go: September of 2001, my mother and I were traveling to Las Vegas but on different days. Before she left, I mentioned to her and my husband, I have a bad feeling about flying, about a bomb, about a plane going down and they said, “It's all in your mind, go and have a good time!” Before, my plane took off at Midway Airport, two police officers came onto the plane and escorted this Spanish speaking women off! I asked does anyone know what happen or what the women was yelling out loud about and they said, "She threatened to blow up our plane!" They said it so calmly. I prayed the entire flight and when I landed, I still had the vision of the plane going down and bombs. It was time to meet my mother so I hopped into a taxi and as I could see my hotel, I asked him, what's with all the detours? He said, there were many bomb threats going on and we have to take alternative routes - I was thinking bomb threats!! (That was the first I heard of this announcement and my mom did not hear any kind of threats so it was strange!) I arrived safely and I still tried to make the best of the trip even though the vision was still present. Sunday, my mom and I were traveling back on the same flight and while I sat awaiting to depart, there was an announcement that our plane had some issues that it was going to be delayed. I still had that feeling so I got up and went to view the plane looking out the window. The propeller seems to be moving so very slow and as I was staring a man who was staring too and turned to me and gave me "THE DEATH STARE!" For those of you, whom know me, know that I have received this death stare throughout my life and there is never a good outcome! When my mother came back to her seat, I told her my mom, "Do you see that man, he gave me the “death stare” and I am getting the feeling something to do with a plane and a bomb! Well, we did land safely on Sunday September 9th, 2001. I still have the feeling, the vision and I could not put it together. Then, it all unfortunately fell into place...I was sitting at my desk and our cleaning lady ran in and said, "Turn on MSN!" As we sat there staring at the computer screen the first plane hit the first tower! The vision, the feeling was gone and all I could do was stare with this big guilt feeling in the pit of my stomach and just sob!! There was nothing I could have done, I rewound this entire thing over and over in my head for month’s even years. I could not prevent this from happening! I only received a few pieces of the puzzle.​​

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