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Saved by an Angel as I fell through the Ice on a nearby pond.

The year was 1980. My siblings and I went to play on our neighborhood pond. While my brothers were playing hockey with other neighbors, I decided to venture off solo to the other end of the pond. I was mesmerized by the water that was flowing down the sewer connected to the pond. I was unaware that the pond was not solid the closer you would get near the sewer. It was like I "blinked" and I was gone! I fell deep down in the ice frigid pond, the ice immediately formed above me. Even though I was a good swimmer and could hold my breath for a long period of time...I panicked! The fear took over. I took my fists to attempt to break through the ice above me but hand no luck breaking free. My heart beat became shallow and my head felt fuzzy and I was in the stages of blacking out. Out of no where, two arms broke through the ice and pulled me out of the frigid waters. It sure was my lucky day another chance of life to know that the puck went much further and it landed right above my head. He used his hockey stick to break through the ice and pull me to safety. It happen so fast that I could remember being placed on his snowmobile to drive as fast as he could to my home. My body was starting to go into shock so he was racing against time. My last memory of this horrific experience was be placed in a warm bath. To this day, I have no idea who saved my life that day but I feel he was placed there as a Guardian Angel. I am grateful and blessed to be granted more time on this planet.

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