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Tricia's simple tools to connect to anyone living or passed away.

I have been asked time and time again, how can they connect to those whom have passed away or the living? I would like to offer you a few simple tips that have worked for me.

Eliminate watching the news, media or most television programs.

Stay far away as possible to anything that causes you stress, doubt, anxiety, fear, and negative feelings. You may have to disconnect with people who bring out these emotions.

Drink plenty of water and stay away from alcohol.

Protect your daily energy.

How do you clear your mind? Right now, as I type this, my mind is thoughts lingering. I suggest that you meditate, listen to music, surround yourself with positive loving people and things. Get outside in nature whenever possible.

Where do you begin? Well, I suggest that you start with pictures of living or deceased. When I channel all, I use pen and paper and start writing anything that is coming through. There is so much information coming in all over the place that I do not want to miss a thing.

Never second guess yourself, your intuition. Our Intuition is our GPS in life. The more you follow it the more information will be offered.

Some have asked, "Who is your spirit guide?" For me, It is GOD. When I channel it is a clear connection to all, through the Divine and Universe.

If you come to a road block with your spiritual gifts, you need to reassess your current state of being. Stop, look and listen and see what has changed or is in your path. You may need to alter some things here and there and don't get discouraged.

Thank you.