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Close Calls With Death

Throughout my life, even at an early age, I have had many close calls with death. I have had more than a handful of near death experiences, and I would like to share a few of my stories. I was around 4 years old. My next door neighbors, their cousins, and one of my brothers decided to sit in the back of their fruit truck. There were around ten of us all sitting in the back of this open fruit truck. I could remember my feet dangling over the edge. Before you knew it, the truck started rolling down the city alley. My brother jumped out of the truck, but due to fright, I could not jump; it was way too high for me and I waved goodbye to my brother. The truck started to pick up speed and all of us children were screaming. Right before we hit the wooden light pole, the truck came to a stop. How did it stop? Their uncle heard the screaming, came out, and slammed on the brakes before the impact. I can remember my brother screaming and running down the alley with my mom following behind him screaming and crying as I was frozen in that truck.

I have had many other close calls to death such as: Getting my head stuck in between the bars of a railing at a playground, where the local Fire Department had to blowtorch my head from the poles; falling off off a friend’s bike and getting dragged down the sidewalk while my ankle was caught in the spoke of the bike unbeknownst to her; falling in an open manhole with no cover of a city sewer and I was hanging on my car’s door knob for dear life; coming face to face with a rattle snake and my great uncle came out of nowhere (another guardian angel) and cut the head of the snake in the nick of time; and falling through the ice in my local subdivision pond and some young man came (another guardian angel) and removed me from the ice water and put me on back of his snowmobile and brought me home to safety. During one of the more recent close calls, I was turning right onto a busy street a minute from my house, the coast was clear to the left so I proceeded. Suddenly, my mother screamed and I was face to face with a pickup truck speeding and drifting into my lane, trying to pass another vehicle. I don’t know how I was able to veer right to the shoulder, almost like I was floating or gliding to safety (another guardian angel). My mom was numb and I was in a state of shock, I could not believe what had happened and felt so blessed to have this continued protection; I came out without any scratches. We should have been killed.

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