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Almost Taken

One more story to share with you today. Throughout my life, I have had a few times where I could have not been here because of almost being taken or my car was almost hijacked twice in one year. The first story goes back to 1978, my youngest brother and I were playing on dirt piles in the back of our subdivision still under construction. He got on his bike and I followed directly next to him...the feeling inside that said, "Stranger Danger!" An unmarked van pulled up and the doors open and they attempted to grab my brother into the van, I had so much strength that day...I was able to pull him out of the van and they drove away. We kept this a secret until mother was shocked to hear about it for the very first time. Second attempt was on me. Around 15 years ago while setting up for a garage sale, I had my back towards the street while playing clothes on a blanket near the curb. I heard something behind me as... I turned around I could see two arms trying to grab me into their unmarked white van with no windows...I was so quick to react that I just ran towards the house and they sped away. While jogging in the beautiful wilderness I was having this continued vision of me going on the trail and never coming out. Well, the moment when this man approached me on this trail that was isolated and what he said, I knew it was him so I pointed that over there is my husband and daughter and he quickly jumped on his bike and rode off very fast. Now, for the car situations. A few years ago, while coming back from lunch only one block away from the office, a car came out of a business center and they were right next to my driver's door that I knew what they were going to do. They attempted to lodge me in but I squeezed my way out and said Stop - I am calling the police which I did and one guy fled the vehicle and ran. The driver got arrested and my car was repaired. November of that year, I was coming out of the grocery store where I visit almost every day. I had a gut feeling something was not right. As I approached my car, I did not unlock the door, I could see this old beat up car with four people sitting in it, right next to my car. Who were they waiting for, all seats were filled and I was parked far away so no one would ding my car. I open my trunk and threw my groceries in ever so fast and I kept eye contact with the guy in the backseat behind the driver because he opened the door and put his leg out. I backed up and ran and they sped away. I ran inside and called the police. i have to thank God for this tool and gift of my intuition that is so strong. I am so happy that I am here today.

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