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I would like to take you back to a moment of my life when I was unable to help someone because of the forces of God. The time was between August 2007-2008. I was working at the job that lasted 22 years and on this given day, a dear friend, mentor and investor of the company was in to offer his kind words for that day. This man and I would speak on a deeper level always and one thing he would say to me was, "Never say goodbye" because you just never no so he would say see you later or until next time. Well that day, tomorrow would never arrive. He came in as usual but this time, we did not speak, he stared at me in a words were being spoken between us...he went into the president of the companies office and I felt so uneasy a feeling that I have experienced before when it comes to passing/death. When he left his office, he did not walk pass my desk but left outside another door. I could see him going to his car and I was glued to my seat, I could not run out there and tell him the vision and feeling that I had within. I attempted to pick up the phone and call his cell or his wife's phone but was unable to. I remember catching my breath and I ran to our secretary and told her that he had to go to the hospital right now. She told me, he’s a big boy, an adult if he had health problems he would be taking care of them. I still had that "feeling" that he was not going to be around tomorrow. The next day, I was at my usual location before the office, at Dunkin Donuts and a co-workers husband so happen to be there and said to me, "Did you hear about George?" I replied no! Yesterday, while George and his fitness coach and team members were out in the forest taking their afternoon walk, George told them to go ahead, he felt a little tired and would catch up to them. After they made their rounds back to where they had started, there sat George, sitting by a tree and he had passed of a massive heart attack. See, George was a hunter, loved the forest and he passed away in a place of peace. I remember at his funeral there were over 1,000 cars lined up. He helped so many people and was so very kind. I was standing around a the large group right in front of his casket and time seemed to stand still for myself and his daughter in law, we both locked eyes and we witnessed something so beautiful and divine. Flying over his casket were two dragonflies and we knew it was George. I remember pointing to her with tears streaming down my face that's George as she nodded. I knew at that moment, that it was his time, his expiration date that I could not go change the outcome because God said so! I had guilt for many years because I knew it and could not save a soul that day. Well, in my very own family, I had the knowing and them too, a year before their passing, I had signs and can't explain them so you will understand but I know there was nothing I could do to intervene. Today, I am at PEACE...finally! I woke up differently because I would never trade these many beautiful gifts that got game me with some extra tools to work with in this lifetime on this planet. Love Light and much Peace and Healing to all. Until we meet again. Tricia

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