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The Way I Receive My Information is Directly From God

The way I receive my information is directly from God. I knew since a very young age of 3 years old that I was different. I first started sensing spirit and then started seeing them. It was difficult trying to fit in with the other children because I was different…I was blessed with such powerful gifts. I could remember having premonitions and then within a week or so they would happen. I always felt like someone was watching over me…indeed they were angels. The more information that was given to me that I listen to, I would receive more. You can say I was getting help from my friends from above. I excelled in anything that was thrown at me during the years. During my journey in Corporate America, I always felt like this was not for me. I would ask God, “Why I am forced to be here?” He would say, “Stay the course.” I would be hoping for the finish line. My finish line came August 31st, 2017. I was finally able to do my God’s calling, my purpose became crystal clear. All the struggles that I went through in my life just brought me to my real purpose created for this planet. When I look you in the eyes, I immediate connect to all of you. I connect directly to your soul and I see things about yourself that you cannot see within your being. When you come prepared with questions about yourself, you never know what your soul would like to discuss with you during our session. I am able to connect to anyone else living, animals, past lives and those who have passed away. I suggest pictures of whom I connecting to where I can clearly see the eyes to make that strong connection. Some have asked, how do you receive all of the information channeled, I say it’s just there. I am one of the messengers placed here from God.

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