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Grounding and Protecting your energy!

How I protect and ground my energy daily.

Every morning, I protect and ground my energy. I suggest that you do this method twice a day. First, image a bright white light energy bubble from God/Source/Divine and place this bubble around your entire shell. I add a ring of fire around the light. Now, there is a fire bubble ring and a light bubble surrounded you. Finally, add a ring of mirrors (imagine the mirrors on your car)place them around the fire of your bubble. Place your triple layer protective bubble into the Universe and connect it with a cord to Mother Earth. This will help protect any negative energies, other's people feelings and thoughts will remain with them and cannot break through to drain your energy. You will not feel the effect's of other's depression, illness, you will not feel wiped out. I suggest to protect your vehicles, in a similar way but there is no need to place it into the Universe. I protect my family in their own bubble or at times, I place them all into one.

Grounding is the earthing of your energy. If you are not grounded you feel dizzy, a little "spaced out" off balance and out of sorts. Spending time in nature helps you get rooted with Mother Earth. You make a take a few deep breaths and just imagine your feet sinking in the Earth ground. Walking barefoot in grass or in sand are other forms of grounding your energy.

A few years back, I learned the hard way. I overslept five minutes without protecting the families energy and my son called and was in a car wreck five minutes from our residents.

I hear this time and time again, I feel drained and I asked the same client, "Did you remember to protect and ground your energy?" Their response is, "no!" It's important to practice and to your daily routine.

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